As a fully integrated operator, the ADVENs Group intervene “from the soil to consumer”. Through GEOCOTON? (ex DAGRIS and CFDT) and its subsidiaries, the company masters the entire cotton industry from production to trading, going through process to the logistics and transportation; it imposes itself as a fully independent structure on the whole chain.

GEOCOTON now operates in more than 15 countries, mainly in Central and West Africa.




Trading and Logistic



GEOCOTON provides to its partners farming and industrial techniques environmentally friendly.

Maintaining soil fertility, application of organic manure, erosion control; village terroirs management, seedling development under green cover, sustainability has always been a major concern for the company.

Even if cotton is one of the plant that requires the use of pesticides; GEOCOTON is making every effort to limit the doses to what is necessary. The introduction of low volume equipment, with targeted products protecting the surrounding fauna and the establishment of targeted application management, permitted to reduce significantly the quantity of insecticides on African cotton.

Lastly, GEOCOTON is extremely attentive to the appropriate training for women and men in the projects it builds with it partners regarding environmental concerns based on sustainable and lasting development.