Our Values

The ADVENS GROUP, close to the populations and the land

In all the countries where it is present, the ADVENS Group have chosen to lead its actions in a win-win partnership state of mind.

Its therefore one of the precursors that stimulate the development of a fair and sustainable trade.


The closest related to people, the Group promotes solidarity dialogue. In the spirit of fairness, respect and sharing with the governments and their populations; especially the rural world, the Group contributes to the development of the agro-industrial sector.

The ADVENS Group defines its vocation, at a long term vision, in helping farmers and agro-industries to sustain, modernize and viable their activities.


The modernization of agronomic and technologic know how is a core concern for sustainable development for the ADVENS Group.

The improvement of the methods acquired for decades meets to the critical needs of partners: optimize their production and process their products while easing demands on resources, preserving the environment.

So, from an agronomic point of view, new cultivation methods had risen and led to improved yields.

These innovations are the foundation of the basis of flexible agronomic practices, adapted to each area, considering its own resources, soil type and fertility, water intake, …

It is also about improving the industrial production and transformation processes to meet nowadays environmental concerns, without glossing over the economic challenges. The Group possesses acknowledged know how in energy self-sufficiency of its industrial sites, and water treatment.

Our Commitments

To go further, the ADVENS Group relies on 3 actions


The ADVENS Group has an agro-industrial expertise and masters a technology in constant adaptation given the issues that our partners are facing.

The development of this industrial fabric creates a key growth pole. It guarantees to the different players involved, the sustainability of their activities, enabling them to evolve in a global economy.

Keeping industrial activities in rural zones allows the acceleration of the economic growth and so, reducing poverty.


For instance, the ADVENS Group participates, directly or indirectly, to the fund’s income of million of farmers and their families in Sub Saharan Africa.

Supporting and advising its partners, the Group accompany them in defining their strategies and expressing their needs. It helps populations to access to training and knowledges, in order to enable them to sustainably develop the local economy.


The protection of the environment’s resources and cultures is a global issue. Also, the ADVENS Group takes part in it by practicing a more qualitative and respectful industry.

Preserving cultural values also involves the maintenance of social resources. Thanks to its agro-industrial activities, the Group provides a significant portion of the cash income and food security of local populations. It also supports local projects: for instance, producers and local authorities were able to finance the construction or renovation of roads; dispensaries and schools.

This is to contribute to social stabilization by developing a rural economy making it possible to fix the populations.

Win win partnerships

Over the years, the ADVENS Group has set up partnerships with:


Involved economic

Farmers Organizations
Stakeholders from the farming sector
At this day, the Group activities participate to million farmers and their family’s income


Providing their expertise and funding.

More specifically with GEOCOTON:

Major player in the cotton sector in Africa, GEOCOTON always had as a rule to integrate its action in cooperation with public authorities, in strict compliance with the institutional framework chosen by each State.
This partnership has evolved in line with the evolution of societal choices of the populations in which it intervenes, by gradually integrating the actors of civil society.

Today, GEOCOTON aims to develop its activities to an extend agro-industrial sector favoring partnership with local actors such as :

  • Producers, through their professional associations. These are not only our first technical partners but are also brought to become shareholders of companies that concern them. As it is the case, for instance, in Burkina Faso. Furthermore, GEOCOTON provides the initial funding for agricultural inputs, allowing the growth of crops. This act benefits both sides.
  • The others actors of the sector, and especially private sector representatives (investors and/ or industry’s professionals) and/or institutional and /or collaborators that GEOCOTON can propose participations.

Its important to emphasize here the extreme importance, with this partnership aim in mind, that GEOCOTON gives to the fulfilment of its financial commitments. A priority attention is paid, for both ethical motives and the socio-economic realities, to the prompt settlement of what is owed to cotton producers.

There has never been any unpaid cotton seed in the cotton companies of which GEOCOTON is partner. Moreover, those late years a strong action was taken to ensure that the regulation of cotton producers is done quickly, despite the unfavorable economic conditions (price of cotton fiber notably).