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The ADVENS Group is involved at every step of the cotton industry as prime contractor or delegate project manager and is positioned as the privileged partner of cotton companies in their development projects. Its experts operate in the following fields: R & D, agronomy, transformation, technical support and are able to establish customized offers including auditing, consulting, technical and financial studies, civil engineering, supply of equipment and their shipping, the assembly and monitoring of the site, the start-up of the facilities, the training of the staff as well as the support to the operation.

& development




& development

In a spirit of sustainable development and within the framework of an integrated sector, the Group’s research programs, through its subsidiary GEOCOTON, are oriented towards improving soil fertility and seed varieties as well as towards agricultural diversification. This approach makes it possible to optimize the cotton production and thus the supply of raw materials for the oil mills and the increase of the production of oil and cattle feed.

Intense research and development efforts enable the Group to make significant progresses from an environmental, qualitative, social and economic point of view. Since its creation, the ADVENS Group has put North-South and South-South development at the heart of its concerns. Partnerships are established with research centers (CIRAD), trainings and seminars are organized for the various actors of the sectors in which associations play a very active role.


The modernization of agronomic and technological know-how is at the heart of ADVENS Group’s sustainable development concerns. Improved methods that have been implemented for decades enable us to meet the crucial needs of our partners:  optimizing their production, processing their products while conserving resources and preserving the environment.

Thus, from an agronomic point of view, new growing methods are born within the Group and allow an improvement of the yields. These innovations are the basis of flexible agronomic practices, adapted to the specific resources of each region (soil type and fertility, water supply, etc.).

It is also about improving the industrial methods of production and processing to meet current ecological concerns, without forgetting the economic stakes. The Group has recognized know-how in energy autonomy of its industrial sites, or in water treatment.