Founded in 1865, Grands Moulins de Strasbourg is a leader of the French flourmilling industry and supplies over 3000 craft bakers in France. In 2019, Grands Moulins de Strasbourg is taken over by the Advens Group and is renamed “Les Moulins Advens”.

Thanks to our experience in the flourmilling industry, the baking process and export, our team can offer adapted flours based on your special needs.

We also offer technical assistance and support to our clients worldwide as well as training sessions to teach bakers the “French way” which is different from asian ones.

In Strasbourg, our strategic place enables us the collection of wheat by road and train.

Quality control

From the wheat field to flour production, we take special care in our raw material selection.

At all time, samples of wheat are analyzed and selected according to their characteristics in order to produce consistent quality flour, to meet all our customers’ requirements and needs.

  • Wheat traceability: in partnership with our suppliers, we guarantee a high level of health safety. Technical specifications of the selected samples of wheat are secured in detailed contracts.
  • IFS certification: version 6.
  • Certified production: The “Les Moulin Advens” mill is IFS certified, that is, through the full automation of our mill, a rigorous team and together with a HACCP process, we are able to guarantee the hygiene and traceability of our products.
  • Food safety:
    • 30 analysis from wheat to flour
    • 50 products controlled per day
    • 250 analysis per day (physio-chemical, bacteriological analysis, etc.)
    • Analyzes by our laboratory of analysis and external analyzes by accredited laboratories.
  • High performance production tools: Optical sorters for wheats, Flour mixture equipment, insect killers…

Our customers

Among our customers, we’re dealing with all top-level craft bakeries, manufacturers, large-scale/wholesalers laboratories but also retailers.

Our products

We can meet all our customers’ requests: Flours / Mixes / Bread enhancers.


Our products

Our different flours:

  • Protein enriched, depleted, dehydration up to 4%, dematerialized.
  • Biscuit flour
  • Tradition
  • Special pastries
  • Special rolling/lamination
  • Baguette


Cereals, Rye, Seeds, Country-style, Genoese, Corn, Flax, etc.

Key figures

  • Annual grinding capacity: 805 000 tons
  • 2019 turnover: 120 M€
  • 300 employees
  • 25 to 30 million bags are packed each year (small packaging 1 kilo)